ATV Tyre Seal

A Tyre seal is an important item to keep in your ATV or UTV toolbox when you are out exploring tracks and trails on your property in Australia. Off-road tyres are generally strong and durable with thick sidewalls and thick tread areas. However, on occasion, we have all experienced a slow leak or a complete puncture on our powersports machine. Whether you own a tubeless or standard tubed tyre we highly recommend grabbing yourself a puncture repair kit and a tyre repair seal. A flat tyre can ruin your ride on a fun day out and having a non-toxic and non-corrosive seal additive in your kit will be a bonus. Standard and tubeless tyres whether on your ATV tyre or even golf cart tyre will be saved by the self-repair sealant after a puncture.

Pneu and Motul consumables come in either an aerosol or spray bottle which seals holes in the tread, bead leak or sidewall of your off-road machine. The adhesive acts to patch the automotive tyre and seal punctures within minutes. The kit works without needing to remove the valve core or the tyre from your dirt bike or terrain vehicle. Tyre sealant is becoming more popular for individuals not experienced in plugging the tyre with a standard nail remover and plug repair kit. Be sure to check out these wishlist items and throw them in the shopping cart along with your other engine lubricants!