ATV Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs are an incredibly important product to keep your engine running efficiently on every ride. Off-road terrain vehicle and dirt bike industries use NGK and Brisk spark plugs for their easy fitment and range of iridium spark plugs to help your machine turn over every time. Spark plugs are available for moto and ATV machinery made by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Arctic Cat, Kymco, Polaris, or Can-Am! These plugs are used in OEM builds to ensure your dirt scooter or quad bike runs smoothly straight off the showroom floor.

NGK iridium ATV spark plugs are a great choice when your original plug expires as these will likely be more efficient and provide better spark than a used plug. We highly recommend you check out the powersports ATV or UTV workshop manual to order the correct spark plug and make your machine run like it's brand new again. Popular part numbers A7TC, C7HSA, or CR7HSA models are used widely in small engines. Standard spark plug codes should be followed to prevent fouling or electrode failure. Make sure to add a new Brisk or NGK spark plug to your shopping cart before your next maintenance day!