D.I.D Chains are known as one of the best quality motorcycle chains around the world. Their wide range of dirt bikes and ATV chains can be found as standard OEM equipment for enduro and motocross bikes globally. We have a large range of DID chains that can work for your quad bike. D.I.D chains hold up perfectly for off-road riding on your KTM or Yamaha enduro bike or driving a Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki terrain vehicle. A wide range of O-ring chains, X-ring chains, or non-sealed options is available to choose from with a set of connecting link/master link replacements and spares on offer.

The drive chain is an important part of the machine and keeping it well lubricated is also important to protect its longevity. The tensile strength and wear resistance of these chains has been heavily tested and developed to ensure any racing chain you purchase will hold up to its name. Changing a chain at the same time as your sprockets are recommended to ensure the rivets in the teeth are evenly worn. The lightweight design ensures low friction on the contact areas of the sprockets. ATV racing requires high-performance products to prevent heat cracking or stretching during the race length. D.I.D series chains are the preferred option for a number of Moto GP, ATV, and dirt bike race teams in the United States and Europe. Be sure to check out the range of part numbers to add to your wishlist before you service the quad bike next!