ATV Chains

ATV and UTV machines operate in a smooth and efficient way all year round using a simple drive chain system. Off-road quad bikes use similar products to enduro moto machines where a 520 chain is often the choice for driving the front and rear sprockets. Heavy-duty chains offer greater tensile strength over an OEM option and can provide you with extra durability for longer rides in your vehicle. O-ring chains, X-ring, and Rivet link chains are the most popular choices for riders in Australia. Carrying an extra master link is recommended when you have a clip link racing chain fitted to your vehicle in case the chain snaps and can be re-joined out in the paddock.

ATV chains are similar to that a standard motocross or motorcycle chain where the single connecting link is used to join the unit after removing links and tightening the chain. High-performance bike parts are provided by brands such as Renthal, DID chains, and RHK. New products are constantly being introduced in the SXS scene. These items can fit most models of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, Can-Am, Suzuki, OR Arctic Cat. Make sure to check out the options for your chain replacement and pick up a fresh unit before your next weekend ride with your mates!