​​Renthal offers a range of enduro and moto dirt bike grips and handlebars for the racing scene globally. These items extend into the Renthal ATV parts with the same durability ratings in the Fatbar or twin-wall variants. Motocross bikes and ATV machinery use the same Renthal 7/8 sizing or 28mm Fatbar sizing to hold the off-road Renthal handlebars in place. The fitment of the bar pad differs with each high bend or low bend. Factory-fitted handguards and bar ends can be placed back onto the new handlebar easily. ATV grips come in a range of options.

Dual compound grips and half waffle grips are the popular choices for most racers on their new Renthal Fatbar. A range of colours is also available in the grips to ensure you match your Yamaha Raptor, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, or Suzuki. Most part numbers in the handlebar range will fit your quad bike, ensuring you purchase the correct size diameter. Changing from 7/8 bars to Fatbars can be done with the use of bar mounts or risers/adaptors.