ATV Brake & Contact Cleaner

ATV and UTV contact cleaner is an essential item to have in the shed or in the toolbox on the powersports machine. Off-road machinery is often abused heavily in Australia to get work completed on properties and travel long distances between paddocks for mustering. We offer a selection of brake & contact cleaners from brands such as Motorex, Motul, Maxima, and more! These aerosol cans are filled with the additives needed to prevent any unwanted contaminants from affecting the OEM parts on the Yamaha YFZ450R.

The Motul brake clean can be used on items such as sprockets, oil filter covers, plastics, carburetors, electrical components, and more to keep them in good condition and eliminate the need for spare parts. These spray cans are perfect for acting as a degreaser and mitigating the need for constant cleaning and maintenance days on the machine. Customers around Australia also spray these wishlist aerosols on their ignitions, spark plug coils, and brake discs to give that perfect clean each time. Be sure to check out the range of lubricants and throw a brake cleaner, air filter spray, and chain lube in the shopping cart before the next big outing!