ATV and UTV machinery is made from a selection of mechanical, electrical, and combustion engine components to deliver the ultimate package to the customer. Keeping these powersports vehicles well lubricated and greased is essential to long-term efficiency out of the chassis, mechanical joints, and engine. ATV grease by Motorex is a multi-purpose grease designed for off-road all-terrain vehicles. The high-performance lubricant is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy pressures while providing maximum protection against wearing and corrosion.

ATV grease is made with a blend of synthetic and mineral oils and other additives such as antioxidants, anti-wear agents, and corrosion inhibitors. U-joints, wheel bearings, bushings, ball joints, couplers, and drive shafts all require frequent lubrication to maintain good health. Automotive grease is suitable for most makes and models such as Polaris Sportsman and RZR, Can-Am, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki models. Wheel bearing grease and a range of bearings on the OEM fittings may require a grease gun to reach behind the air filter box, rear wheel, or plastics. We also stock a number of bearing greaser options from wheel-bearing grease tools, extension hoses for grease guns and more!