ATV Barkbusters products are much the same as an enduro dirt bike, supermoto, and motocross racing machine. These items have gone through thousands of hours of brutal testing on Ducati street bikes, BMW adventure bikes, and more. The handguard design wraps around the handlebar for great rigidity and keeps your hands protected from roost and debris when you are on your moto or all-terrain vehicle. The Barkbusters handguard has either a single mounting point to the bar end or a two-point mount that grabs the off-road handlebars towards the centre. OEM roost deflectors are a simple and easy-to-break handlebar kit.

The mounting kit that comes standard with the ATV handguard kit is durable in all scenarios and keeps the VPS, jet handguard, or storm plastic guards in place and secured. Universal hardware kits are a great wishlist item to keep in mind. These are available for both 22mm and 28mm handlebars. These items are available for a range of machinery made by Honda, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, Can-Am, and more. The high-performance plastic moulds used in these products are as strong as your skid plate and can keep you feeling as safe on the ATV as you would in the UTV. If you are wondering ‘what fits my bike?’, be sure to check out the parts finder on the homepage and filter by your terrain vehicle!