ATV Gear & Drive Oils

ATV and UTV require frequent maintenance checks and motor oil changes to ensure the engine is kept healthy and clean for as long as possible. We stock a range of gear oil and drive oils for your machine to keep your lubricant cabinet stocked up throughout the year. Gearbox oil can be a fully synthetic blend or semi-synthetic SAE viscosity which are used on different 2 and 4-stroke engines in Australia. Powersports machines require the same motorcycle oil used in the OEM spec workshop manual as these 4-stroke engine oils are made for purposes with different weights and additives.

V-twin motors would use a different transmission oil than a Yamaha single-cylinder SXS machine. Brands such as Motul, Maxima, Belray, and Motorex offer a selection of ATV oils and differential lube to keep engine servicing simple and easy. New products are always being released by these global brands to fill your shopping cart with more items for your Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, or Can-Am machine. Be sure to check out the selection of coolants, brake fluids, air filter oil and chain lubes to kit out your toolbox!