ATV Coolants

ATV and UTV machines are often used on properties around Australia for work purposes and off-road trail riding. Powersports SXS machines are a high-performance OEM setup that requires precision builds and maintenance to perform at their best. Engine coolant is a critical component that aims at keeping operating temperatures within the desired range before boiling over. We stock a selection of biodegradable, silicate, and performance coolants that offer long-life solutions to the machine. Some options include glycol-based antifreeze, dex-cool, engine ice, and waterless and phosphate-free options. Make sure to check out the workshop manual for your Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, or Can-Am machine before filling the radiator with lubricants.

Find the required cooling system lube for your ride otherwise, you may promote corrosion of seals and gaskets if the ATV coolant used is incorrect. A selection of coolants offers corrosion protection for the water pump and radiator to ensure you are maintaining the machine all year round. We stock popular brands such as Motorex, Maxima, Penrite, and Engine Ice to give you a selection of premix additives. Keep the horsepower at its peak by replacing the coolant on your machine!