Artrax Tyres are among the most popular ATV tyres on the market. These off road radial tyres are suitable to the vast majority of ATV and UTV vehicles. With a range of compound and pattern options in each tyre size these diversely capable heavy duty products are a must for the shopping cart. The heavy duty 6ply and 8ply construction methods used with the Artrax Countrax front and rear tyres makes them competitive all year round. These tyres are incredibly durable and are typically used on a range of multi disciplinary machinery. A range of Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Polaris models accommodate these products for their long lasting nature. we highly recommend throwing the visor down on your full face helmet if you are following a mate with these tyres, they throw some serious roost!

These tyres are similar to a motocross bikes enduro tyres where they are built with a thick and durable sidewall to ensure minimal risk of puncture or tyres rolling off the rim of your machine when in use. A popular tyre is the Countrax 25x10 front tyre and rear tyre combo. The Countrax model also houses a mud version for you to try out in the wet conditions.