ATV Wheels

ATV Wheels are something that not every rider would think to upgrade on their vehicle. ATV and UTV OEM rims can often buckle after extreme use and cause the vehicle to require a wheel alignment or balancing. UTV wheels are often upgraded for the extreme weekend adventurers who prefer to have a steel wheel that is machined specifically for abusive off-road terrains. Fitting a Beadlock wheel with some fresh side-by-side 8-ply tyres is an exciting time for any individual to give your powersports machine that extra edge over your mates.

Method race wheels, Quadboss, and DWT are some of the popular choices for models of Polaris, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Steel or alloy wheels require new products to fit, simply grab your lug nuts and place the wheel onto the machine as they share the same bolt pattern as standard. ATV rims come in gloss black, matte black, or machined finish with the optional matching lug nuts. Be sure to check out the range of forged wheels to match your new Sedona tyres on your SXS vehicle.