SSB Powersports batteries are used in thousands of vehicles around the globe. Australian racers use these durable motorcycle batteries to keep their machines maintenance-free and long-lasting. ATV and UTV machinery is used in Australia for farming and work purposes and the need for reliability in AGM batteries and lithium batteries is incredibly important. Ultra high-performance lead acid and dry cell batteries are among the best-selling heavy-duty options for most vehicles. Depending on the need for the vehicle whether it be a once-a-month use or a daily use the SSB range has hassle-free battery options for every customer. Performance lithium ion and lithium Ultralite models require battery chargers with specific settings to trickle charge the battery and maintain its limited warranty.

AGM gel battery options are a deep cycle battery and will provide longevity over their lifetime. Moto batteries require a less cold cranking amps (CCA) to initiate the starting sequence on the dirt bike. Be sure to check the required volts and cold cramping amps needed for your Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha Polaris, or Can-Am machine before purchasing. SSB also has a range of products useful for scooters and jet skis to widen its reach to customers around the world.