ATV Brake Pads

ATV brake pads are extremely important on any terrain vehicle in Australia and around the globe. Off-road dirt bikes and utility vehicles (UTV) require a strong brake system to ensure the machine is capable of stopping quickly and efficiently at any given moment. Sintered brake pads are available for an OEM replacement on a range of popular models manufactured by Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Depending on the model of terrain vehicle you own, the brake shoes or brake rotors will be evident and show you the style of system the machine has.

Front brake discs are common on most models as most of the braking power is situated at the front of the motorcycle or terrain vehicle. Organic brake pads placed in the calipers of your machine will ensure your brake lines are pushing enough hydraulic fluid into the pistons to force the pad onto the brake disc and pull the machine up quickly. Sintered pads are more durable than organic pads and should last slightly longer as their ability to withstand dirt and water is much greater. Be sure to check out the range of front and rear brake pads and brake shoes available to suit your model. These wishlist items are common replacement parts so be sure to purchase them while we have them in stock before your next maintenance day!