ATV Cables

ATV and UTV machinery have a variety of cables to connect the mechanical components of the vehicle. A Clutch cable is a simple cable with a single line running from the clutch lever to the clutch fork located on the bell housing of the manual transmission. The off-road powersports machine which uses a hydraulic system will not have a clutch cable, but a fluid cable. Natural look ATV cables are available for OEM replacement front brake cables as well to match the clutch cable. The front brake cable runs down the forks to maximise styling on dirt bikes and ATVs and connects to the brake caliper to initiate the pistons in the disc brake system or drum brake system.

Heavy-duty cables are used and positioned away from the axles to minimise the risk of them being caught. Most vehicles have small cable clamps located around the machine to offer better structuring for routing the cables. For example, throttle cables that run from the throttle tube or thumb throttle lever are routed to the carburetor using clamps. This ensures you can lay down a heater on the race track and not worry about your cables while they are hidden underneath the plastics of your machine. These cables are used in Australia on Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Can-Am machines. Be sure to check out these wishlist items and add them to your shopping cart before your next restoration project is underway! We also offer sprays for cable lubing of your handlebar control cables.