PC Racing

PC Racing is an American company specializing in dirt bikes, road bikes, and ATV products. Scratched and damaged plastics are bound to happen when racing MX bikes and riding in ATV/UTV vehicles. PC Racing plastic renew is a popular off-road plastics restoration product that helps to rejuvenate your plastics and have them back to looking like a brand new moto. It works by lightly sanding the top layer of your plastics and removing small scratches to get you back racing with a bike that could match monster energy supercross pro racers.

Included in the kit is sandpaper, steel wool, polishing cloths, and the plastic renew solution. Hi-Flo air filters are super important in motorsport racing and can be the difference between hitting the stunt ramps with your friends or sitting at home on the PlayStation with a blown bike. Motocross bikes need clean filters with a pro seal. PC Racing filter skins for your motorbike keep your filter cleaner with an extra layer of protection. These items are used in the MXGP and by weekend bikers globally for an extra layer of protection. These items suit a range of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and KTM models.