ATV Plastics

ATV and UTV machinery is built with plastic fenders and mudguards all around the vehicle for styling and purpose. ATV plastics are a common item that is replaced after an accident or when a plastic bolt threads the front fender mounting point. ATV rear fenders sit high off the ground and are not usually subject to rough debris or damage but can also be replaced on most off-road machines. ATV fenders also house brand-new aftermarket items such as footrests, snorkels, body kit upgrades, and bumpers.

Plastic fairings are an ATV part available for models of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Can-Am. Generally, if you own a Honda you will only be able to get black, white, or red plastics as these are generic side panels and plastic body colours for that brand. The same goes for other brands where the OEM radiator shrouds, headlight surrounds, and air filter cover colours are produced. Be sure to check out the selection of ATV plastics and accessories available for your utility vehicle and add them to your shopping cart!