ATV Clutch

ATV clutch kits are a great OEM upgrade for any quad bike or UTV machine to enhance the performance of the engine and transmission power output. Clutch packs are available for a range of popular models made by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Yamaha, and Can-Am. Single components can be purchased to form an entire clutch assembly if a primary clutch kit is not pre-made. Powersports machines require a set of clutch plates, clutch spring kits, clutch covers, gaskets, and a clutch basket. All of these clutch components work together to convert engine power into the transmission and ultimately drive the machine forwards. Aftermarket rebuild kits are made by companies such as Hinson, Wiseco, Barnett, EPI Powersports, and more!

These motorcycle clutch and ATV clutch kits are heavy-duty built and designed to withstand the pressure in the friction plates greater than the OEM spec. Be sure to checkout your clutch next time you do a service on your machine and remove the pressure plates to checkout they need replacing. Having a healthy clutch in your dirt bike or enduro moto is the same as an SXS vehicle and will keep the drive belt or sprockets turning all year round. Add these clutch components to your shopping cart today!