ATV Chain Lubes

ATV Chain Lubes are used widely around Australia to ensure your bike chain is free from grime and a build-up of debris. Keeping your chain cleaner from OEM means you will not need to remove the chain guard or chain guides frequently to remove off-road chain lubricant from affecting the sprockets and drivetrain movement. Motorcycle chain lube is known for preventing chain corrosion while keeping the X-ring, O-ring, or race chain clean. We have a selection of chain lubes made by popular brands that bring the motorcycle industry engine oils, fuel additives, differential oils, and chain care kits.

Motul chain oil, Bel-ray super clean chain lube, and Motorex off-road chain lube are some of the popular choices by customers around Australia. Maxima chain wax is used to ensure a sticky compound is applied to the chain of the ATV or UTV machine. Chain wax will not fling off as much as other variants of chain lube and cause excess spray to cover the plastics underneath the guards. We have chain lube to suit all models of Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris, Can-Am, and Suzuki terrain vehicles. Be sure to check out the chain lube aerosol cans and the range of coolants, motor oils, and air filter oils on offer from the powersports brands.