Oxford provides the dirt bike and terrain vehicle scene with a range of high-quality products and accessories. Premium ATV and UTV covers are available through Oxford, these bike covers are the most popular cover on the market. The Oxford aquatex covers are widely used in Australia and globally for weatherproofing the ATV or UTV machine when not in use. A range of sizes are available to allow for smaller moto’s, scooters, and quad bikes as well as the larger Polaris RZR 1000 terrain vehicles and more! Be sure to check out the range of covers available to cover your plastics, fairings, tyres, and tie down the cover to protect from the rain.

Oxford hot grips are also a wishlist item for a lot of ATV riders using their machines through winter for work purposes on properties. These premium ATV handlebar grips house an intelligent heat controller to keep your hands warm while using a battery-saving function. ATV hot grips are a popular product for a range of Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki machines. We highly recommend looking into these styling grips with incredible durability for those longer rides. The simple mounting bracket requires no lubricant or extra connectors or spares, simply add the item to your shopping cart and we will ship it out for you to fit!