ATV Oils / Lubricants

ATV and UTV machinery needs to be well lubricated in order to have vital engine components and mechanics parts moving and fulfilling their purpose. In Australia, we encounter a range of terrains and weather conditions for our off-road SXS to encounter on a daily basis. Vital additives and high-performance engine oil will keep your oil changes less frequent whilst also minimising oxidation and friction inside the engine. New products are always entering the market from popular brands such as Motorex, Motul, Penrite, or Castrol. 4-stroke ATV oil can differ depending on the model of ATV engine your terrain vehicle is equipped with. Gear oil comes in different viscosity levels and SAE options. All options differ for certain machines with wet clutches or V-twin models.

Each oil is designed for wear protection, corrosion resistance, and longevity. We recommend using the workshop manual to identify which semi-synthetic ATV 4-stroke engine oil your vehicle requires before purchasing. Lubricants other than motor oil include coolants, brake fluids, air filter oil sprays, and chain lube to complete the package. All of these products are highly recommended to ensure your machine performs at its best with every outing. Be sure to check out the range of options for your Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Can-Am machinery off-road motor vehicles.