ATV Multipurpose Sprays

Discover the ultimate protection and performance with our range of ATV multipurpose lubes. Designed to excel in the most demanding off-road conditions, these high-quality products will keep your ATV and UTV running smoothly. Our automotive aerosol lubes and engine oils are engineered to withstand extreme pressure and ensure excellent adhesion, preventing wear and tear on critical components of the SXS machine. Whether you need chain lube for your off-road adventures or multi-purpose grease for your ATV's wheel bearings, we have the right solution. From silicone spray to lithium grease, each product offers superior film strength and corrosion protection, ensuring your off-road vehicle stays in top shape. Oils are available in various viscosities to suit different models of machines. If you own a Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Polaris machine, our lubes are compatible with popular power sports models spread across Australia.

These products are also ideal for use in road motorcycles, and dirt bikes, and gear oil in smaller machines like water pumps and lawn mowers. Experience high performance and reliability with trusted brands like Motul, Castrol, and Maxima. Full synthetic and semi-synthetic options are OEM-approved, making them the go-to choice for both recreational riders and professional off-road racers. Each product will be used for a different reason such as corrosion inhibitors, heavy-duty rust prevention, high-temperature grease, or a general multi-purpose lubricant spray. Be sure to add these items to your shopping cart!