ATV 4 Stroke Engine Oils

ATV Engine Oil is different for every machine. Motor oil lubricants vary for machines depending on their size, compression, power, and surrounding environment. ATV and UTV machinery is used in harsh off-road conditions where high-performance products are required in order for the 4-stroke ATV quad bike to perform at its best. We house popular 4-stroke engine oil made by Motul, Motorex, Penrite, Castrol, and more! These semi-synthetic or full synthetic blends require no extra additives to alter the viscosity of the SXS engine oil. Performing an oil change on your machine and regularly applying synthetic motor oil will benefit your engine by preventing corrosion and oxidation inside the casings.

At ATVstore we keep these new products in stock all year round to ensure you provide your utility vehicle with the wear protection and lube it needs to maintain its integrity. We stock gear oil for models produced by Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. 4 stroke motor oil differs for each model, we recommend you check out the workshop manual before adding any synthetic engine oil to your shopping cart. We also stock a range of coolants and brake fluids from these popular brands to add to your UTV engine oil order!