Yoshimura exhaust systems are among the leading systems for off-road dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles. Yoshimura offers slip-on exhaust mufflers and a range of stainless full exhaust systems for a range of makes and models. Motocross and enduro racers line up for these systems all year round and the same principle applies to ATV machines. stainless mufflers are available for aftermarket purchase to simply bolt onto your choice of machine within minutes. The majority of these systems have extensive research and development pre-production and do not require any extra heat shields or wrapping for the full exhaust systems. KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha machinery can all be equipped with full systems to increase performance capabilities.

Popular models such as the Yamaha Raptor and Suzuki LT-R450 ATVs are among the many machines that can live up to the extra power and torque the Yoshimura RS systems push to the rear tyres! Stainless steel is generally used for the bolt-on muffler option whereas aluminium mufflers and headers are generally used for the full system. Repack kits and spark arrestors are available for separate purchase for most makes and models to help you maintain your aftermarket purchase for greater longevity.