ATV Heat Barriers

We stock a range of exhaust pipe off-road heat shields to protect your vital components on the machine. ATV and UTV exhaust heat shields are not always a standard OEM fitment on models of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, or Can-Am. Standard exhaust system heat shield kits are minimal and only placed where the manufacturer sees the largest heat dissipation from the manifolds, headers, or silencers. They act as a shield to prevent heat from radiating out and reducing the overall engine efficiency. Heat barriers and covers can also provide added protection from water, dirt, and debris, helping to extend the life of the ATV and its components.

We recommend you grab some extra ATV exhaust radiant heat tiles to place in areas where you think extra protection is required around wires and vital engine components of the cooling system. aftermarket exhaust wrap and adhesive backing tiles are used on powersports racing machines around the world. Be sure to check out the selection of pipe heat shields and throw some heat wrap kit in your shopping cart before the next day of adventure riding with your crew.