ATV Levers

In the realm of ATVs and UTVs, various levers play a crucial role in maintaining control and ensuring the smooth operation of the vehicles. Generally comprising a lever, cable, or hydraulic system and mounting hardware, ATV levers are affixed to the handlebar or the engine spline. Manipulating these levers, whether pushing or pulling, offers control over the engine's throttle, braking, clutch, and gear changes.

At ATVstore we stock a range of aftermarket lever upgrades similar to motocross and enduro model clutch/brake levers. Quad bikes and utility vehicles from reputable brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, or Can-Am are all customisable with off-road lever kits available for purchase. It's essential to note that OEM ATV brake levers and clutch levers may be prone to snapping in the event of a quad moto or dirt bike flip. To address this, we provide a range of CNC-machined billet clutch perches, clutch levers, and front brake lever sets. These high-quality alternatives help minimise damage to your dirt scooter after an accident. Brands like ModQuad, ASV, Streamline, and others produce aftermarket solutions that easily connect to your brake lines, ensuring responsive brake pad engagement at the slightest touch of the lever. Additionally, explore adjuster clamp options during checkout to facilitate optional clutch cable adjustments, particularly useful as lines may stretch over years of farm use.