ATV Engine

The ATV engine is the heart of the off-road quad bike and needs to be kept in pristine condition to ensure your buggy or UTV is reliable after every outing. ATV quad bikes in Australia are used for a multitude of reasons, being leisure or for work purposes on properties. Keeping the motorbike or ATV engine in good condition can be done with a variety of products and replacement items. Regularly checking radiator coolant for models which house a cooling system is essential to ensuring over-heating problems are not in play unless you have an air-cooled engine. Regularly replacing engine oil in any four-stroke automotive vehicle will keep the inside components such as camshafts, top end, and gaskets in good order.

Replacing the spark plug to ensure the electrical current is always at its best can prove to increase the lifespan of the motocross dirt bike or utility vehicle. Cleaning the carburetor and air filter to ensure the fuel and air passages are free from debris and working effectively is also incredibly important. Replacing any OEM motorcycle parts that are not part of the 4-stroke engine but also help keep the engine parts working such as sprockets, tyres, or electric start engine motor is also recommended. These components are available for a range of models made by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Can-Am, and Arctic Cat.