Swingarm units on any ATV or UTV machine are a vital component to the machines mechanical build and function. We offer a selection of products to add to your swingarm for protection or performance on quad bikes and utility machines. The ATV swingarm acts to hold the rear shock absorber and the rear axle for the wheel. The swingarm also absorbs the bumps and loads induced by the rider, acceleration, or braking. Items such as brake lines, bushings, chain guide, chain slider, and bearing kits are all attached to the rear swing arm for durability and powersports functionality.

We ship parts for Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Arctic Cat around Australia to customers needing replacement or upgrade items. ATV parts are accessible from brands such as All Balls, Pivot Works, and TM Designworks. The swing arm unit is in place to act like the A-arms and tie rods assisting the front suspension, where the engine parts fitted to the frame at the front side need extra support. To assist in finding smaller, more specific items such as sprockets, ball joints, or air filters refer to the parts finder and filter for your specific moto. Be sure to check out the range of shopping cart fillers available for your spare parts cupboard in the shed and check out the popular ATV/UTV parts we stock for your machine!