ATV Bolt Kits

ATV Bolt Kits are an essential item for you to keep inside the tool shed for a rainy maintenance day. Fastener kits are needed for when your OEM cotter pins, lug nuts or flange bolts rattle loose riding in the extremely rough and unpredictable terrains in Australia. Utility ATVs and UTV models made by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Can-Am, and Polaris all have bolts that come loose from years of use on your property or in racing scenes. Having a spare set of fender washers, bodywork bolts or fairing bolts in your wishlist is no good when you are stranded in a paddock with no spares! We house off-road bolt kits that come equipped for specific models of dirt bikes and off-road automotive machines.

Each kit is tailored with button heads, flange nuts, hex heads, push rivets, or sprocket locking nuts to suit the specific vehicle you own. Maintaining the factory size part number threads to ensure the flat washers and hex head flange bolts in the pro packs are a perfect replacement. We also recommend you check out the range of lubricants, air filters, and radiator replacement items we stock for popular models to ensure you always have spares in the shed for a maintenance day!