Twist Throttles

ATV Twist Throttles offer riders a dynamic riding experience, transforming the way you navigate off-road terrains in Australia on your quad bike. These precision-engineered components provide responsive handling and enhanced performance with the twist throttle design allowing you to modulate speed effortlessly. For those who prefer an alternative control style, the traditional thumb throttle on the handgrip can remain from OEM, which offers intuitive and ergonomic operation. Both twist and thumb throttle options are compatible with various handlebars, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip as you conquer trails and rough paths. Leading brands like Motion Pro offer a diverse selection of twist throttles, throttle cables, and throttle grips designed to cater to the unique demands of ATV racers globally.

These components undergo rigorous testing to ensure replacing the thumb lever with a twist grip throttle control for your Moto machine is effortless. Sku’s from Motion Pro works seamlessly with well-known ATV brands like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Can-Am. Twist-throttle conversion kits require no further modification to the throttle body after removing the ATV thumb throttle. Enhance your Yamaha banshee’s performance and responsiveness with top-quality twist-throttle assemblies and conversion kits. Check out all converter throttle tube options before purchasing a new aftermarket kit for your vehicle!