ATV Throttles

Most models of ATV quad bikes are fitted with a thumb throttle from the OEM kit. Throttle assembly kits are often broken in the event of a serious crash as the off-road throttle housing extrudes higher than the handlebar and often hits the ground first when the vehicle is flipped. Throttle control can be altered using a throttle kit from brands such as Motion Pro, ModQuad, and Kolpin. Handy throttle levers can be bought from Thumb-buddy to increase the size of the ATV thumb throttle for increased comfort on longer rides. Changing from a traditional thumb lever and thumb throttle extender can be done with new products to convert to a standard twist throttle as seen on dirt bikes. By removing the billet thumb throttle assembly and purchasing a complete right-hand side conversion kit for your ride you can change the way your machine feels dramatically.

These kits work with the OEM carburetor or fuel injection system through an aftermarket cable and also provide no interference to the front brake lever. Motion pro kits feature a new vortex throttle for faster response, a throttle tube, grips, throttle cable, and any adaptors/gaskets for the installation. Be sure to check out these wish list items for your Can-am, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Arctic Cat dirt scooter!