Intake Manifolds

ATV and UTV intake manifolds are essential components of your off-road moto machine. They are responsible for delivering the fuel and air mixture to the dirt bike or quad bike engine, allowing it to operate at its peak performance. Without a properly functioning intake manifold, your dune buggy, scooter, or mini bike will not be able to perform at its highest level. The intake manifold is a tube-like structure that connects the cylinder head to the carburetor of a 2 and 4-stroke engine. The purpose of the manifold is to provide the engine with the right amount of air-fuel mixture for optimal performance. The air-fuel mixture must be in the correct ratio so that the engine can run efficiently and produce the power it needs.

We stock a selection of wishlist items from Modquad to get your Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, Can-Am, and Arctic Cat machine running smoothly. Each model has a different spacer, gasket, air intake adaptor, and fuel system so we highly recommend you use the parts finder on the home page and filter your brand-new machine. OEM manifold gaskets will need to be replaced once the intake manifold pipe has been removed or replaced to ensure no air leaks are present when the tyres are spinning off the rims up the paddock. Be sure to add a fresh set of intake manifolds to your shopping cart before the next adventure!