Stators And Regulators

The stator, also known as the alternator or magneto, is responsible for generating electrical power on the powersports machine. It consists of a stator coil and a stator plate, which work together to pick up an electric current that powers the vehicle's electrical charging system. With a wide range of stator options available, including heavy-duty aftermarket ones from reputable brands like RMSTATOR and Electrosport, riders can find the perfect fitment for their specific ATV or dirt bike model. When it comes to off-road machines ATVs and UTVs from Kawasaki, Honda, Can-Am, Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha, having a dependable electrical system is essential. That's where ATV stators and regulators come into play.

These components ensure a steady power supply and regulate the voltage to keep your vehicle running smoothly in the rugged Australian terrain. At ATVstore we stock voltage regulator rectifiers, or simply the regulator, to ensure the electrical output from the stator is properly regulated in your vehicle. It prevents voltage spikes and fluctuations, protecting sensitive electronic components such as the ignition coil and CDI unit. Some advanced regulators even incorporate MOSFET technology, offering improved efficiency and durability. Popular aftermarket options from trusted manufacturers provide excellent alternatives with warranties and fitment guarantees. Be sure to add these connectors to your shopping cart and check out the selection of spare parts such as gaskets, flywheels, and sprockets as direct OEM replacements on your Polaris Sportsman!