ATV Prop Shaft Carrier Bearings

ATV prop shaft carrier bearings are manufactured to support the propshaft of an all-terrain and utility vehicle. These parts are typically made using a steel or stainless steel material and are sealed to protect them from water, dirt, and debris. Prop shaft carrier bearings are designed to reduce friction, which helps to improve the performance of the powersports machine. They can also be used to help reduce the wear and tear on the prop shaft while also providing extra stability. Sandcraft Motorsports has developed a solution for driveline vibration and patented the set angle feature across ATV and UTV platforms Correcting the angle of the driveline results in less wear on the output of the transmission and the input of the front differential by eliminating side loading of the bearings.

These OEM upgrades are greaseable to ensure the fitments' self-aligning bearings are always intact. The billet aluminum bushings and driveshaft components make this product durable all year round. Heavy duty carrier bearing kits are a popular part number in the shopping carts of Polaris General, Polaris RZR XP Turbo, and the Polaris Ranger crew. The remote grease line on the two-piece design further enhances the workability and usefulness between the axles of the Can-Am or Polaris machine. Be sure to check out the selection of carrier-bearing options for your RZR XP 1000 or Can-Am Maverick X3 before the next major outing with your crew!