ATV Tyre Pressure Gauges

Tyre pressure gauges are an off-road accessory which is essential to keep in your tool kit or on the ATV for long adventures. Having a heavy-duty and accurate air pressure gauge can be the difference between getting stuck in the mud/sand and gaining traction to move the vehicle out of the bad situation. We keep a range of these items in stock to ensure you can release the automotive tyres to low pressures on tractors, UTVs and dirt bikes. Deflators often have a swivel end to help get the tyre gauge valve into the ATV tyre valve stem.

Having a quality gauge is essential to ensure you can utilise the unit over a larger pressure range as well as obtaining accurate readings. High-quality units have a glowing dial and a pocket clip so you can keep the stainless steel unit on your side whilst using an air compressor or tyre inflator. These units read in Kpa, Psi and Bar pressure to give you the full range of data. We stock brands such as Motion Pro, Ballards and La Corsa to give you options with LCD screens, analog increment units and more. Be sure to check out the tyre repair kits when purchasing a new gauge so you can get an accurate pressure reading after patching up the Maxxis tyre.