ATV Funnels & Measuring Jugs

ATV and UTV measuring cups are small but necessary items that are needed for simple servicing of the machine. We keep these items in stock all year round so you can always gran a silicone spout or funnel set to fit the fuel tank or your oil change plug. Measuring jugs are the most accurate way to measure out and pour consumables for the engine. Your track order would include spanners, spare parts such as oil filters, sealants, and a strainer funnel for service on the machine.

Collecting the engine oil can be done with clamp-on funnels from the drain plug to capture the lubricants into a waste container. Whereas, a stainless steel or plastic measuring device is needed to replace the motor oil to minimise spilling or losing any fluid. Be sure to check out the selection of lube funnels and measuring containers to replace coolants and oil. Fill the shopping cart with a range of spares such as spark plugs, skid plates, tow hitches, or battery charger connectors!