ODI makes a range of unique products to keep you in full control of your ATV on rough journeys. Handlebars and lock-on grips are ODI’s specialty and the ATV grips that stem from these designs are second to none. The rogue slip-free performance grips come with a clamp to secure itself to the bar ends of your moto or quad bike. ODI ATV off-road grips have unique surface patterns for X-treme riding conditions and maximum grip. The single-ply grip product features similar design patterns to dirt bike options such as half waffle and full diamond. The easy installation of the enduro lock-on grip system makes these part numbers fly off the shelves to customers around Australia.

ODI Grips compete against the likes of Pro Taper and Renthal to deliver the most unique product on the market. Product descriptions are found under each item's page to help you determine whether you are purchasing a durable dual-ply grip, thumb throttle-suited design, or extra sticky racing rips. These wishlist items are paired with a variety of 22mm and 28mm handlebars to give you the custom feel you have been chasing. Be sure to check out the ODI rogue grips range as customer reviews have proven these to be a favourite for terrain vehicles nationwide!