KYT provides a range of road racing helmets and off-road full-face helmets for the motorsports industry around the world. Motorcycle helmets are the most important piece of safety wear you can equip yourself with and should be fitted properly to ensure maximum effectiveness in the event of an accident. KYT helmet models are equipped with modular clear visors, pin-lock systems, and flip-up designs to ensure customers of any powersports discipline are satisfied.

Motocross and terrain vehicle riders need protection from roost, rain, and the sun to ensure an all-rounded helmet can tackle any condition. A range of helmet motorcycle accessories is available to equip the helmets for these conditions such as tint visors and open-face helmet options to diversify the range of customers who will choose the KYT racing helmet. Moto GP riders use popular designs such as the espargaro, matt black, and carbon options. KYT has a strict manufacturing process that offers precision quality control to maintain high standards with every unit that leaves the factory and is presented to the customer. KYT has had to ramp up production to be a direct competitor to Airoh, HJC, and Shoei and keep riders safe around the world. Be sure to check out the range of KYT helmets before you get behind the handlebars of your Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, or Can-Am machine!