JDJetting kits are a popular choice for racers around the world wanting to modify their carburetor on their motorsport machines for horsepower gains. OEM off-road machines come with a standard set of carburetor accessories, main jets and needle configurations to give a steady and linear power curve. JDJetting jet kits come with multi-taper needles to place in the carb and help you move the spare needle clip to increase throttle response through to your tyres onto the dyno. Triple taper needles also provide high-altitude custom settings to increase the flow of petrol in the carburetor and help push horsepower gains in any condition, rather than just at sea level.

Aftermarket kits provide professional high-performance results for a range of vehicles such as the Yamaha raptor and YFZ450, Polaris RZR, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki terrain vehicles. ATV machinery works similar to a dirt bike where the fuel mixture screw, pilot jet, o-rings, and main jets all have to work together to effectively generate an air/fuel mixture that suits the vehicle. Be sure to checkout the specs on the JDJetting kits rather than trying to mess with minimal standard factory needle options and the fuel screw to increase performance.