Atlas ATV neck braces are a high-level neck protection unit that can help you stay safe on your off-road machine. Atlas Air neck brace is a popular model for motocross and enduro dirt bike riders around the world. These items are encouraged for usage on quad bikes and side-by-side models to further enhance the protection of riders around Australia. With the split-flex frame and height adjustment on the motocross neck brace, these devices provide an unmatched range of motion compared to the likes of Alpinestars, EVS, and Leatt. These devices have an easy-open release system with a hybrid strap system to cover a greater surface area of the rider's body with the X-strap design.

These Atlas vision, Prodigy, and Tyke models are available in men's, women's, and kids' sizes to ensure protection is fitted across the board. The wireless tether joining the rear back support is positioned perfectly to allow cohesion between hydration packs, backpacks, and protective gear such as chest protectors to fit nicely. The moto neck collars are widely used in mountain biking and quad biking to provide shoulder padding and protection on top of your riding gear. Be sure to check out the range of Atlas neck braces next time you plan to throw your jersey on for a ride on your all-terrain vehicle!